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Table of Contents:

1. The Main Gallery: Classics and Historics (of Chinese)
2. The Other Gallery: Showing Other Things
3. The Artist and So On
4. ... and Extra! (Christine's Erotic Art)
Plus: The Many Web Rings...

This Owl Gallery is an ad-joint of the Owl Academy to exhibit my artistic endeavours. The two different galleries exhibit two different kinds of art... Please, go to whichever gallery pleases you, choose, click on the thumbnail, and view.

1. The Main Gallery: Classics and Historics...

Or: Ancient Chinese History Through The Perspective of Goddess Athena. The focus of this gallery is on Goddess Athena's relationship to humanity, aspects of civilization, and men, expressed especially in terms of the older part of Chinese history. In these works, Goddess Athena is seen traversing through noted instances of history, sometimes interfering in it, sometimes just to be seen, sometimes just observing, sometimes lending a rewarding hand. As the bearer of wisdom and compassion, she is at times to "lighten up" the situation, or more ideally to simply serve as witness, or to reward those deserving reward.


Athena in Tang temple

The Emergence of Philosophy

morphological perfection

The Evolutionary Origin of Striper

Athena by herself

The Decking Out of Goddess Athena
2001 (sketch!)

My Method of 3 Dimensional Linear Perspective
The complete formula of 3D linear perspective I used.

the archetype The Archetype Passes by a Scene of Omen
Athena and Queen Himiko Goddess Athena Witnesses Queen Himiko
Goddess Athena Goddess Athena Witnessing the Duke of Zhou
Athena rewarding Goddess Athena Rewards the Poor Young Man
Goddess Athena Visits The Scientist
Athena with injured bird T'ang Presents The Injured Bird to Goddess Athena
Yu and Athena Yu Trains His Soldiers with Shamanistic Dances
Athena and Yang-Shao village The Origin of Chinese Civilization
Athena at Qin palace Goddess Athena Liberating Animals From Civilization
Athena with Court Lady Goddess Athena Accompanying the Court Lady
Anamnesis Anamnesis

2. The Other Gallery: Older Works

Below are some representatives of older works. To see a complete presentation, please click here.

mother and child "Desperately Seeking Rose"
portrait of a man (Portrait of A Man)
the elephant girl The Elephant Girl
homeless women Homeless Women
party scene Party

3. Draw Anything LA drawings

Click on the above link and see all the portraits which I have done in Draw Anything LA Meetup (from late 2014 onward).

Click here for a log of the best of these portraits.

3. The Artist

self-portrait of the artist

4. ...Extra!

Christine Christine's Erotic Art Gallery.
Christine Dumbsky is a very talented artist and already a celebrity in Germany.

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